4 November 2019
TAX • Release of the "Announcement of the State Taxation Administration (2019) No. 29"
9 September 2019
Boards of all charities are required to have an Audit Committee and a Finance Committee under the 2017 Singapore Code of Governance for Charities & Institutions of a Public Character. However, charities differ in their views on whether both are...
5 September 2019
Beauty retailer Sephora notified the Personal Data Protection Commission of a data breach that led to the exposure of some customers’ personal information to unauthorised third parties, according to media reports in July. Is your business truly...
21 August 2019
While Robotic Process Automation has been widely adopted by many businesses and delivered significant benefits, its evolved cousin, Intelligent Process Automation, has the potential to enhance business outcomes further.
8 August 2019
After a nearly record-breaking year in deal value, the mergers and acquisitions cycle in information technology has shown signs of slowing down.
2 August 2019
Taxpayers that meet the required conditions are reminded to prepare mandatory transfer pricing documentation for their financial year ended 2018, and would be liable to a fine not exceeding S$10,000 for each case of non-compliance.
3 July 2019
Benefit from the ideas and insights of our regional experts
27 June 2019
While we have yet to achieve truly human-like artificial intelligence, we are already seeing important breakthroughs in natural language processing. How can the audit profession leverage these for its own transformation?
10 June 2019
A protection and indemnity insurance solution provider faced numerous internal control issues arising from its manual, inefficient process of drafting policy quotations and contracts on Word documents. Seeking a solution that would integrate...
6 June 2019
China has reduced employers’ maximum share of basic pension premiums for urban workers from 20% to 16% nationwide with effect from 1 May 2019.


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