The LNG tsunami: Trends and challenges for US middle market companies

2 December 2019
The last decade has seen enormous developments in the trade of liquefied natural gas. In 2018, the global LNG market more than tripled from the volumes seen in 2000 and grew at an annual rate of 8.3% to 313.8 million metric tons per year. Last year...

Energy trends to watch in 2019

2 December 2019
Innovative technology is changing the way businesses are managed, and the energy sector, while not leading the way, is nevertheless seeing an increase in the use of artificial intelligence, telematics and big data to lower costs, streamline...

When do NPOs need to register for GST?

27 November 2019
Goods and Services Tax ("GST") is a transaction-based tax that applies to goods and services supplied by a taxable person in Singapore. If a not-for-profit organisation’s (Public Character) receipts that are taxable for GST perspectives exceed or...

Q3 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

21 November 2019
"Speed is the name of the game for both buyers and sellers in the current climate. Given geopolitical shakiness as well as broader concerns around any potential slowdown, buyers are prioritizing companies with metrics that exhibit resilience to any...

M&A in Healthcare & Life Sciences – What You Need to Know

14 November 2019
Against the backdrop of an ageing population, M&A deal value in the healthcare sector grew by 31% to a record high of USD435 billion in 2018. This easily surpasses the GDP of Singapore, and reflects the rising influence of the healthcare sector...

Consolidation of private clinics in the healthcare industry

29 October 2019
Consolidation is observed in several industries ranging from financial institutions to retail, and has been gaining a similar momentum in the healthcare industry. While consolidation in the healthcare industry may not be a new phenomenon, we...

Building digitally-savvy SMEs

25 October 2019
What does it takes to be digitally savvy? What are the challenges and benefits that come along with digitisation? Truth to be told, remaining analogue can have dire consequences. Read on to find out why and how you can embark on the digitisation...

Practical accounting challenges technology start-ups face

22 October 2019
Technology firms are among the fastest growing companies in Singapore.  However, it is not without challenges due to the increasingly complex transactions.  Find out why technology start-ups are struggling to apply and comply with the relevant FRS...

RPA bot–our new ally

5 August 2019
Financial leaders congregated in the evening of 30 July 2019 at ISCA to find out how RPA can help streamline their work processes. This event was jointly organised by RSM and ISCA. 

Senior Manager Wendy Chua’s successful career switch to internal audit featured in Straits Times

22 May 2019
Business Consulting Senior Manager Wendy Chua’s story as an IT veteran who successfully made a career switch to become an internal auditor was featured in a recent Straits Times article.

Launch of guide to help charities achieve cost-effective audits

22 May 2019
A guide written by NPO Practice Industry Lead Woo E-Sah was launched as part of a series that guides charities on best practices to help the sector enhance financial management and ensure greater accountability to stakeholders.

Addressing the hospitality industry’s weakest data security link

17 May 2019
We are proud to partner with Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) to hold the “Is your Hotel at Risk of Non-Compliance – PDPA, GDPR & GST?” seminar for a full-house crowd of 100 SHA members.